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WHO is R.C.K. 

Ryan Batura

Guitarist / vocalist / songwriter

Quoted as saying: "I ain't no singer, and I'm a pretty mediocre guitarist, but Masciocchi and Novak are the real deal"

Corrado "Rain" Masciocchi

Drums / backing vocals

Oculist by day, relentless garage-rock drummer by night, Rain's hard-hitting rhythms are the cornerstone of RCK's attack.

Kris Novak

Bass guitarist / backing vocals


With a playing style described by his bandmates as "lead bass", Kris adds an unexpected dimension of swing to RCK's sound.


R.C.K. (Ryan, Corrado, Kris) is a 3 piece rock band founded on the mutual passion for creating original music. Drawing from a wide range of influences and musical experiences, these local boys from Seattle deliver a uniquely heavy, yet groovy "classic rock-meets punk / garage-rock" sound.


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Thank you for supporting local music!

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