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WHO is R.C.K. 

Ryan Batura

Guitarist / vocalist / songwriter

Quoted as saying: "I ain't no singer, and I'm a pretty mediocre guitarist, but Masciocchi and Novak are the real deal"

Corrado "Rain" Masciocchi

Drums / backing vocals

The "Rain Man's" hard-hitting rhythms are the cornerstone of RCK's attack.

Kris Novak

Bass guitarist / backing vocals


With a playing style described by his bandmates as "lead bass", Kris adds loads of low frequency color to the mix.


R.C.K. (Ryan, Corrado, Kris) is a 3 piece rock band founded on the mutual passion for creating original music and perhaps butchering an occasional cover song. 


All in the name of having some good laughs together and making new friends in the process.

Thank you for supporting local music!

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